Sunday, September 30, 2007

My little toddler...

No video yet. I know, I know. We actually took some today, but had a technical malfunction, so I'm hoping to get a good little movie tomorrow.

Our little walker has been getting more and more steady and confident in her new skill. She's also now very good at keeping her balance and standing up on her own without any support. She's really adventurous about it, so she gets lots of practice. It does, however, make for slightly more difficult meals out, as she would much rather be walking around and flirting with all the other restaurant-goers than sitting in her high chair and eating. The only place I'm sure to keep her attention is at's her favorite pizza!

Sorry we haven't posted in a while-we've been without internet since Wednesday! It's been really painful. We're hoping that we're OK for a while...

Here are some pictures from today:


You want this?

Her eyes are so blue!

Me and my mom:

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