Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy (Belated) St. Patrick's Day..

From Maya and Grace:

And just a random video of them clowning around:

Monday, March 16, 2009

A weekend ago...

The weather was beautiful the weekend before last, so we decided to hit up all the animal hot spots.
On Saturday morning we went to the zoo, where Maya loved checking out the farm animals, the elephants and the gorillas (there's a baby gorilla after all, and Maya is obsessed with babies of all kinds)...

That afternoon we took a walk to the neighborhood playground and it was amazing to watch Maya--she's grown up so much since last fall..she can climb the chain ladder and hold her own with all the big kids...

On Sunday we hit up Frying Pan Park which has a working farm and an equestrian facility...

Luckily for us the farm was also hosting a horse show that day.

Maya loved watching all the horses and riders warming up and a few nice riders let Maya pet their horses. Maya loved it so much that we went to have lunch and came back to watch some of the riders compete and then go watch more horses warming up. We bumped into a nice man who was walking his daughter's horse. She had already competed and the pony, Cowboy, was relaxing. Maya had a great time petting Cowboy and at some point the dad offered to let Maya sit on the pony. And she did and she enjoyed it. And my camera? It was in the car..But I swear it happened.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sledding Fun..

We went sledding yesterday afternoon with Lilly and Lilly's daddy (Joe). Joe and Lilly's aunt did most of the heavy lifting and sledding, but I did sneak one ride in. Maya had a great time and kept asking to go over and over again. Joe even asked who she got her daredevil side from--I'd like to think it was me-I didn't spend all those years in Colorado for nothing!

Here are some pictures:

Monday, March 02, 2009

"Big" Snow...

DC got it's biggest snowstorm in 3 years last night/this morning-a whopping 6-8 inches. Enough to cancel Maya's school and shut down a lot of the city. Poor Peter still had to go to work though..only after shoveling tons of snow off of our walk, Baba's walk and cleaning off the cars.

Maya went out there with him to "help". I was only able to snap a couple of pics because it was blowing and gross!

Maybe I'll get one or two more later. Sorry for the delinquent posting!

Happy Valentine's Day (Belatedly...)

Many of you have already seen these pictures on our little Valentine's Day card, but I figured I would post them here for posterity's sake as well: