Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Parade

This morning Maya had her Halloween parade at school. I am pretty sure the kids in her class were meant to walk by themselves with the teachers around school, but that didn't end up happening--all of the parents marched with. Maya was adorable as a giraffe--she has two different sets of headpieces!

With her teacher, and the head of school, Miss Denise:

Waiting around getting ready for the parade to start:

Parading in full headgear:

Class picture:

With mommy:


I am not going to make excuses any more regarding my lack of posting. It's inexcusable.

On Sunday, Maya, Peter and I went to get some pumpkins. I didn't take great pictures, but you can see she still exists and gets excited about "Punkins!!!".

Peter carved his last night. I think he did a bang up job!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clemyjontri Park (again)

Determined to enjoy the sunshine of Columbus Day, we headed up to Clemyjontri park. In addition to the huge playground, Clemyjontri also has a carousel, which is great fun for a girl who loves neighs AND music.

At first she still wouldn't ride a neigh, so teacup and bench it was:

We took a little break from the carousel and played on the playground:

After some good playtime, we decided to take another crack at the carousel. Maya decided she was ready to ride the neighs!:

Lazy Saturday...

Last Saturday Maya was very insistent that she wanted to see animals, so we headed to the Reston Zoo (again). She fed some goats and impersonated some sheep:

After deciding she did not need an afternoon nap, we tried to load her up with sugar to make it through the afternoon (for the record, it didn't work):

We also took a trip to Kinderhaus, where Maya is clearly a child not wanting for toys:

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pumpkin Patch...

Please forgive me for my extremely delinquent blogging-with Maya starting in preschool, Baba's return, weddings, etc, I've been a bit distracted. I promise I will be better.

On Tuesday, Maya had her 2 year check up. She's doing great! She's 50th percentile for weight (at 26 lbs) and 80th percentile for height at 35 inches! She wasn't exactly happy at her appointment, but I guess it's a developmental milestone, right? She knew to be unhappy at a doctor's office ;)

On Friday we had a field trip to Cox Farms with her class. She had a good time. She rode on a hayride (she was less than thrilled with that) but very happy to slide on the really big hay slides and meet baby animals (pigs, calfs, goats). Here are a few pictures: