Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Cubs game..

Out of utero, that is. Maya did attend a Cubs game at Wrigley Field while I was still hosting her--we went about a week and a half before she was born...

Anyways, we went to our first Nationals home game and got to see the new stadium-it was a lot of fun and we had great seats to view the action. Maya had a great time-she liked the bright lights and all the music and clapping.

We ended up arriving in the top of the 2nd inning and stayed until the bottom of the 8th! We were all very impressed with her stamina-I was sure we would leave after an hour...

Here are some pictures...

Sporting her Cubs T that I ordered..she wouldn't wear the really cute hat I got her:

Did that guy over there want to see my belly???

Can I get a Miller Lite over here?:

Family pics:

Ketchup and Cheese...

I remember having a conversation a long time ago with Melissa about how she was going tell Owen that he was allergic to ketchup if he ever wanted it. After all, she doesn't like it, it has no nutritional value and there's really no reason to give it to him. Interesting, I thought. I won't give ketchup either!

Well, Peter had different ideas. Trying to keep Maya entertained, he gave her some ketchup. She loves to dip things...but she doesn't really understand the concept of biting and eating the dipped food--she just licks off the dip, whatever it may be-ketchup, spinach dip, cream cheese, and dips it right back in. She's the worse kind of double dipper!

Here is a little video that we took at Whitlow's at lunch-Maya with her french fries and her favorite thing to say when I take the camera out:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

19 months...and some naked pics.

Maya turned 19 months on Sunday. I can't believe that soon I'll be telling people "She's almost two" when they ask me how old she is!

Maya likes to be "al fresco" proven by these pictures:

She got to take a bath with Grace!

(we'll be filing those in the "embarassing pictures vault".

Friday, April 18, 2008

Some random pictures...

and not much else to update. We've had a great week enjoying the fabulous spring weather and have been spending a lot of time outside.

Last weekend, Dziadek and Wai-Po came to visit and we hit up the zoo and 2Amy's-yum! This week we started a new session of music and gym class.

Here are a few pictures:

Checking out the sea lions at the zoo:

How Dziadek and Wai-Po roll:

A first ponytail (captured on camera):

Showing off her belly:

Checking out a neighbor's pretty bush:

Friday, April 11, 2008

First Kiss..

Well, at least the first one caught on camera ;)

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Rainy Friday morning...

and what do I do? I take my daughter to the mall to play with her friends...I thought I had another 10-14 years before I was doing this?

The insanity that is "Mr. Knick Knack" performing at the mall on Friday mornings:

Process is complete...

I have turned into a North Arlington mom.

House in Arlington. Check.
Kid in variety of playgroups. Check.
Kid in classes, such as Music and Tumbles. Check.
Volvo SUV. Check.