Thursday, December 23, 2010

Daddy's Work with Amelia

On Monday we went downtown for lunch and a mini tour of the Capitol with Amelia and her parents, Aimee and Matt. Maya had a great time..

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baking with Baba

Third day in a row of baking with Baba. We are the proud owners of a well decorated gingerbread house, a good number of cookies and now a batch of cupcakes.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trimming the Tree..

Some pictures from the weekend before last when we trimmed our Christmas tree--and Maya trimmed her little white fake tree as well.






Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prima Ballerina and the Prosciutto Eater

The views are really small, but if you click on the actual movie once it's playing, it will take you to the Flickr site where they are bigger.

Prima Ballerina:

The Amazing Prosciutto Eating Toddler:

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Visit with Santa.

Maya was very excited to go to the mall and see Santa. Zoe wasn't:




Monday, November 29, 2010

Zoe loves Ajax...

11 29_1224_edited-1

11 29_1217_edited-1

Zoe checked out the house construction...

11 29_1248_edited-1

11 29_1244_edited-1

11 29_1239_edited-1

11 29_1241_edited-1

Baba took Maya to the Nutcracker...

11 29_1227_edited-1

11 29_1231_edited-1

11 29_1236_edited-1

Trains/Botanical Garden...

Every year during the Christmas season, we take the kids down to the Botanical Gardens to see the Christmas trains exhibit. This year, Maya was more interested in the flowers and plants and Zoe just wanted to be carried. But given that it's not even December yet, we may give it another try on a less crowded day...

11 28_1279_edited-1

11 28_1292_edited-1

11 28_1298_edited-1

11 28_1301_edited-1


We were very thankful and happy to be all together for Thanksgiving here at my mom's house.

11 26_1328_edited-1

11 26_1333_edited-1

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Maya and Zoe loved playing in the back yard yesterday and helping Peter clear out the leaves. Ajax enjoyed being outside as well, but was slightly less helpful.

11 21_0929_edited-1

11 21_0935_edited-1

11 21_0950_edited-1

11 21_0961_edited-1

11 21_0960_edited-1

11 21_0969_edited-1

Yes, Zoe got a haircut.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Side by Side Monkeys

I couldn't resist posting you think they look alike??

side by side monkeys

Halloween Trick or Treating

Ahh, the culmination of about a gazillion Halloween events--trick or treating! Maya and Zoe had a great time. Of course, Zoe got the hang of it really quickly and while she couldn't say "Trick or Treat" she did say "bye!" to everyone. Both of the girls made out like bandits and considering we have a huge bowl of candy and have only had a few trick or treaters, I think we'll have enough to get us through until next Halloween!

Ready to go out:
11 01_0464_edited-1

11 01_0465_edited-1


11 01_0466_edited-1

11 01_0467_edited-1

11 01_0469_edited-1

First house..Baba's.

11 01_0470_edited-1

11 01_0471_edited-1

"I'm a butterfly..I can fly!"

11 01_0472_edited-1

I think if you go back 3 years, we have the same exact picture, but without a butterfly:

11 01_0476_edited-1

11 01_0475_edited-1

Happy Monkey!

11 01_0478_edited-1

Enjoying a treat!

11 01_0480_edited-1

11 01_0482_edited-1

Daddy loves Halloween too:

11 01_0488_edited-1

Maya's first ice skating lesson

Seemed fairly successful! Here is a video that Peter took:

CHMS Halloween Parade

Maya had her annual Halloween parade at school and had a great time...

10 28_0020_edited-1

10 28_0025_edited-1

Zoe the spectator:

10 28_0031_edited-1

10 28_0036_edited-1

10 28_0060_edited-1

10 28_0059_edited-1

10 28_0061_edited-1

10 29_0010_edited-1