Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Trick or Treating

Ahh, the culmination of about a gazillion Halloween events--trick or treating! Maya and Zoe had a great time. Of course, Zoe got the hang of it really quickly and while she couldn't say "Trick or Treat" she did say "bye!" to everyone. Both of the girls made out like bandits and considering we have a huge bowl of candy and have only had a few trick or treaters, I think we'll have enough to get us through until next Halloween!

Ready to go out:
11 01_0464_edited-1

11 01_0465_edited-1


11 01_0466_edited-1

11 01_0467_edited-1

11 01_0469_edited-1

First house..Baba's.

11 01_0470_edited-1

11 01_0471_edited-1

"I'm a butterfly..I can fly!"

11 01_0472_edited-1

I think if you go back 3 years, we have the same exact picture, but without a butterfly:

11 01_0476_edited-1

11 01_0475_edited-1

Happy Monkey!

11 01_0478_edited-1

Enjoying a treat!

11 01_0480_edited-1

11 01_0482_edited-1

Daddy loves Halloween too:

11 01_0488_edited-1

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