Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Sister is here!!

Zoe Katherine was born on her due date, 4.28.09. I was induced and everything went great! We are going home today, so more to come..


8lbs 7oz
19.5 inches long

A few pictures:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Maya's First Pony Ride

Yesterday we took Maya on her first pony ride. With the exception of the one moment on Cowboy (which has been permanently etched in her mind), Maya has never gotten on a pony or horse. However, she's been mentioning with increased frequency that she wants to ride a horse, so we took a leap of faith and booked her a pony ride at the Rock Creek Horse Center in DC. I have to say that I was definitely a little apprehensive about giving them my credit card number..I was pretty sure Maya would chicken out at the last minute. However, she took to the whole thing like a champ. It turns out that a former neighbor of ours in DC runs the pony ride program on Saturdays and she took to him really quickly. He took her hand, led her to the horse and a minute later she was on!

The cutest part of it for me was when we were finishing the ride a family walked by us and Maya yelled back to them, "I'm riding a horse!!". I have a feeling we will be back to the Rock Creek Horse Center.

White House Easter Egg Roll 2009

Maya had a great time at the Easter Egg Roll...this year we got to bring Grace and Margaux. We had to wait on line for a little bit, but Maya loved frolicking on the lawn. She didn't enjoy the characters (again), but she found her own entertainment..dancing to the music, playing with the jump ropes and she loved watching the bigger kids jump rope as well. There were long lines for a lot of the "photo ops" so we took fewer pictures this year than last...

Easter Egg Hunt

Maya had a blast on Easter hunting for eggs in Baba's backyard. The funny part is that there were presents hidden too, but Maya had no interest in them. Just the eggs...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Gondolieri...

Dziadek and Wai-Po had recently traveled to Venice before their visit to us a couple of weeks ago and brought a special surprise for Maya..gondolieri shirts--matching for both Dziadek and Maya..

Friday, April 03, 2009

Cherry Blossoms with Baba..

Baba, Maya and I headed down to see the Cherry Blossoms yesterday afternoon. The weather wasn't perfect, but the crowds were manageable and we actually managed to circle the entire Tidal Basin! Maya decided she wanted to sit in her stroller, which is something she hasn't done in months...

Here are a few pictures...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Painting with Grace

Last week Maya had fun painting with Grace. Maya loves painting and asks to do it all the time..inevitably she ends up deciding it is more fun to paint herself than to paint on the paper..