Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No House Yet..

Maya and I went to DC this weekend to look for houses and visit Peter, but no dice. We did, however, expand our search to some areas in Arlington and possibly Alexandria. DC got a bit of snow on Sunday, which of course shut the whole place down. I decided to extend our trip by another day to see more places and hang out with Peter more...

We stayed with "Aunt Callie" who loved to have Maya around--or else she was really good at acting like it! She even took care of Maya one day while we went looking at houses and another time so we could have dinner--that was so nice! It's so important to have a meal with adults only once in a while...

Today Dziadek is coming to town to keep us company. He's coming an hour late because he apparently got on the wrong plane and almost flew to Denver...but realized he was on the wrong plane right before they took off!!

Here are some pics of Maya today..just a few because she was a slightly cranky subject. We think some teeth might be coming soon--or else I hope so!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

5 months!!

5 months ago today Maya was born!

There isn't much to report here...Peter is in DC and today was his first day! Seems like things are going well...

As a birthday present, I bought Maya some spoons and a bib--we're going to start solids in a couple of weeks!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Kona..and other musings...

So, today is Kona's 5th birthday! She got some extra love today..and a little extra sausage from our pizza at dinner ;) Here she is with her "baby":

Meanwhile, it's been a bit crazy around here..a lot of ups and downs. Last Sunday we put an offer on a house and heard Monday that it had been accepted...but it turns out that there was another offer on the house that had already been signed and while the seller thought he could get out of it, he couldn't. We've been going back and forth about it all week..but there hasn't been anything new on the market-DC was basically shut down over a little ice storm. Meanwhile, on Wednesday we had a foot of snow and 40 mph winds. But, I digress... So we'll see if anything new comes out on the market this week..or if the other buyers of the house we wanted back out after the home inspection. Cross your fingers for us! Peter starts work on Tuesday, so he's leaving tomorrow for DC. Hopefully we'll see each other this weekend.

In other news, Maya's been rolling like crazy. She's still only doing tummy to back--but I think the other way is right around the corner. It's caused a few sleep issues-but nothing we can't handle. She likes her new took a little time for her to get it, but now she finds it quite entertaining:

Hey! I'm hanging out in my exersaucer!:

Just chillin'...

In the bath:

Loving dad before he leaves:

Ajax is a bit peeved that he didn't get his birthday mentioned, so here's an action shot of him:

Stay tuned for further updates. Based on my track record of posting pictures when Peter is out of town, there should be plenty coming soon!

Monday, February 12, 2007

We've got a roller!

Maya is rolling tummy to back! She did it once when we were on vacation in Florida, but it didn't happen again, so we figured she just wasn't ready ;) However, she's now done it 4 times in the last 24 hours, so I think she is officially she just has to learn back to tummy. Mobility, here we come!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm camera happy!

It seems that I have plenty of time to take pictures of little M.J. when Peter is out of town and I am left to my own devices. Here are a few I snapped this morning:

Friday, February 09, 2007

A little hectic...

Well, life's been a little hectic around here. We are still looking for a house in D.C.--Peter is there right now looking at some more options. We went last weekend for the day, but didn't find anything. We found one that was a possibility, but decided it wasn't quite big enough or the right fit for us. There are some more prospects this weekend, so hopefully we will be DC homeowners again soon.

Until then, our life is in a bit of flux. Peter starts his new job in DC on February 20th, so until then we are hanging out, getting our house here cleaned up and packed up as much as possible and trying to figure out the logistics of the move. We are hoping to rent out our house if anyone is looking for a fabulous 4BR, 2.5 BA house in Evanston, drop us a line!

I know visitors come to see pics of Maya, so I won't disappoint!

Hangin' with her bro (from all the pics of them together, you would think he actually likes her!):

Hanging out in her swing in her big girl outfit:

Chillin' in her bumbo:

And a series I like to call "The Many Moods of Maya":





Off to obsessively check the MLS listings again!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


1. It's cold here. Like -1 cold. Windchill of -17. Tomorrow the high is 2 and windchills may approach -25.

2. The Bears just lost.

3. We are moving to Washington, D.C.

4. We don't have a house there yet.

5. At an impromptu pediatrician visit last week, Maya had gained almost a pound in 10 days. She is now officially a chunky monkey.