Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No House Yet..

Maya and I went to DC this weekend to look for houses and visit Peter, but no dice. We did, however, expand our search to some areas in Arlington and possibly Alexandria. DC got a bit of snow on Sunday, which of course shut the whole place down. I decided to extend our trip by another day to see more places and hang out with Peter more...

We stayed with "Aunt Callie" who loved to have Maya around--or else she was really good at acting like it! She even took care of Maya one day while we went looking at houses and another time so we could have dinner--that was so nice! It's so important to have a meal with adults only once in a while...

Today Dziadek is coming to town to keep us company. He's coming an hour late because he apparently got on the wrong plane and almost flew to Denver...but realized he was on the wrong plane right before they took off!!

Here are some pics of Maya today..just a few because she was a slightly cranky subject. We think some teeth might be coming soon--or else I hope so!

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