Friday, February 09, 2007

A little hectic...

Well, life's been a little hectic around here. We are still looking for a house in D.C.--Peter is there right now looking at some more options. We went last weekend for the day, but didn't find anything. We found one that was a possibility, but decided it wasn't quite big enough or the right fit for us. There are some more prospects this weekend, so hopefully we will be DC homeowners again soon.

Until then, our life is in a bit of flux. Peter starts his new job in DC on February 20th, so until then we are hanging out, getting our house here cleaned up and packed up as much as possible and trying to figure out the logistics of the move. We are hoping to rent out our house if anyone is looking for a fabulous 4BR, 2.5 BA house in Evanston, drop us a line!

I know visitors come to see pics of Maya, so I won't disappoint!

Hangin' with her bro (from all the pics of them together, you would think he actually likes her!):

Hanging out in her swing in her big girl outfit:

Chillin' in her bumbo:

And a series I like to call "The Many Moods of Maya":





Off to obsessively check the MLS listings again!

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