Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A trip to the zoo...

Maya, Melissa & Owen, Margaux and Grace and I all headed off to the zoo today. We started the trip off with a yummy lunch at 2 Amys. After a full tummy, we walked from 2 Amys to the zoo (which is all downhill) and then walked through the zoo (all downhill). Maya enjoyed the small mammal house the most I think-there were lots of little exhibits with random animals like an Acouchi-which basically looks like a squirrel on steroids and a Golden Lion Tamarind, which looks like a cross between a squirrel and a monkey, dyed bright yellow.

She also enjoyed watching the anteater (yes the picture is blurry-that's what I get with the little point and shoot camera in a dark mammal house with no flash).

We also saw some monkeys and a sleeping panda. Well, we saw the panda's butt at least.

Then we walked back through the zoo and back to 2 Amys where our cars were parked. Which was ALL uphill. Let's just say we worked off the pizza we ate for lunch!

Later, Grace and Maya decided to hold hands while in their strollers (again, point and shoot camera action shot=blurry):

And then they both looked so cute:

And then I took a VERY short video of Maya..she's so good at walking, she can do 2 things at once ;):

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