Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall is here...

Fall seems to finally have reached the D.C. area..temperatures were in the 90's earlier in the week, but by the end of the week we were wearing sweaters and loving the cool breezes. Of course, thanks to global warming, it's going to be in the 80's again this week, but we'll take it.

We've been enjoying the fall weather by heading to some local fall festivals. Maya's not really sure what to make of all of it, but she's been enjoying all the outside play time. She even got to dress up in her Halloween costume for the first time on Thursday for a special Halloween music class. You'll have to wait a little while longer for pictures of her all dressed up..

Maya's been practicing walking a ton..she loves her new method of transportation, though she is easily distracted by anything and everything. She's been babbling a ton and we may have heard "dog", but we're not identifying any words quite yet. She's down to two bottles of milk (real milk!) a day and eating lots of yummy foods-she was quite the fan of egg rolls and potstickers yesterday at dinner.

Here are some pictures from this weekend:

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