Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Tumbles class..

Maya had her first class at JW Tumbles today. We didn't know what to expect, but have heard rave reviews about the class from other kids and parents.

It started out innocently enough...we were one of the first to get there and Maya decided to start exploring the equipment on her own:

Yes, that was as precarious as it looks. She ended up falling between the mats a minute later-but no tears ;)

After all the kids got there and the teacher started with songs and playtime, we saw a side of Maya never seen before. A quiet- sitting-on-her-own-watching-everyone-else Maya. It looked something like this:

The teacher tried to engage Maya with the Elmo puppet...little did she know that Maya's mom is an anti-TV-for-kids fanatic and Maya has no idea who the heck Elmo is. She started crying hysterically:

A ride in the swing quickly cheered her up..blurry action shot:

Then the ball pit came out and Maya started to come out of her shell:

Maya's friend Owen was hungry for lunch:

We're optimistic for the future of Maya in tumbling. We'll have to wait and see how next week goes. She cheered up immensely when she had pizza for lunch afterwards ;)

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