Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well, we all got our hair cut today. For Peter and I it wasn't all that big of a deal-but my little Maya got her bangs trimmed! It was about time..they were in her eyes, and even though I was tried to use a barette to keep them back, someone thought it was great fun to pull the barettes out. Hint: It wasn't me.

Anyways, Peter's barber, Habib, did the honors. Peter has been a client of Habib since we first moved to DC back in 2000. I remember back then, I came to meet Peter as his haircut was being finished and Habib said to us, "One day you'll have a son and you'll bring him to me for his first haircut". We left that barbershop in Dupont Circle laughing about how that was so far off in the future.

Seven years later and not knowing if we'll ever have a boy (there hasn't been one on my mother's side since her older brother), we decided Habib should do the honors on Maya's first haircut.

I have to admit..the whole process has been a bit more traumatic for me than I thought--maybe it's just the start of many moments of realizing that my little baby is growing up.

Here are the pictures:

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