Saturday, September 08, 2007

We miss Babcia...

Even though Babcia just left a couple of hours ago, we miss her already! Well, I don't think Maya knows she's gone yet, since she's asleep..but we do. Baba only came to town for a short visit on the end of her business trip, but she'll back soon enough for good!

We had a lot of fun..had some meals out, cooked a yummy one at home, shopped (what a surprise!) and took some walks around the 'hood.

Maya's been in a great mood all week-hopefully I'm not jinxing it! She's been flirting with everyone, giggling up a storm and eating big meals. It's so crazy that when people ask how old she is, I say "She'll be one in a couple of weeks". I can't believe it!

Here are a couple of pictures of Maya and her Baba...

Being a ham:

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