Monday, September 03, 2007

Wild and wonderful...

Well, a last minute work obligation for Peter foiled our plans to head up to Dziadek and WaiPo's house, but we managed to squeeze in a trip to West Virginia with Melissa, Daniel and Owen. It was so fun to be up in the "mountains" and we enjoyed fabulous weather.

We rode the lift down to a scenic lake...(that's the Blumenthal's, not us):

It's a lot harder to hike with 22 lbs strapped to your chest!

Maya found a playground:

We went on a scenic train ride:

Posed for a shot in the wilderness of our cabin:

On the way home we amused ourselves with mom's wallet, dad's ID, bottles of water and saying cheese for the camera:

And taking naps...

That's all folks!

In other news, Maya now is fluent in gibberish. She talks ALL the time. We don't really understand much. She's able to walk with a walker and is trying to stand on her own for longer stretches (up to 5 seconds from 2).

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Kate Portillo said...

Hi Karafotas Family,
It is so fun to keep up with you on your blog. Isn't it fun watching the babies grow big? We can't believe that Maya's first birthday is fast approaching. we love the insights on what's ahead for us...all our love....the Portillos (Kate,Carlos & Emilio)