Saturday, June 16, 2007

She crawled today!

Granted, it was only a couple of little steps and then I think she got so freaked out by my screaming, "Look! She's crawling!" that she stopped and might never do it again. Both Peter and I saw it though, so at least we know it can happen!

Maya attended her first party today for one of her friends who was turning one and had a great time playing with all of her peeps.

Generally, it's been a fun week..lots of walks, spending time with her good friend Owen and trying all sorts of new food.

Hey there!:

OK, are you going to pick me up now?:

Hmm..we stumbled on this sign when we were walking along the canal...:

Owen asks, "Are we still walking?"...

What happens when we all get stuck in a thunderstorm on our walk? We have an impromptu playdate!:

Maya admiring our blooming hydrangeas in the front yard:

Hey! The blue things come off!


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