Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day...

This morning I fell in love with my husband all over again. You might be expecting me to talk about how I fell in love with him because he is the best father and loves his (human) daughter so much that he got up with her at 6am. Or that it was so cute when he was making her giggle so hard when he was tickling her. Nope. It's because of the following conversation:

Me: Well, it's father's day..what do you want to do?

Him: I don't know...

Me: We can do anything you want to do.

Him: I did really want to go to the Leesburg Outlets.

How can you not love a man whose ideal Father's Day is spent eating wings, shopping and going to the pool?

Maya enjoyed shopping..she got very excited about a shirt at Polo:

Checking out the bargain prices:

For his father's day gift, Maya got him a new iPod and a framed picture of her and her are a couple of the shots from that day (yes, I know--it's father's day, not mother's day, but these are cute pictures!):

Notice the location in back--I can't get away!!:

And she crawled again today! It wasn't a one time thing!

One small programming note..we've changed the title of this blog for obvious reasons, but the address remains the same.

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