Thursday, June 07, 2007

Milestones, Milestones!

OK..I apologize for being a slacker and not updating the blog with news and pictures. I'm bad--but I've been keeping so busy it's hard to get a minute in!

First the Milestones:

1. Yesterday Maya pulled up on the edge of the bathtub from sitting to standing completely on her own! She's been almost there a couple of times before...but this was the first observed time that she did it completely on her own. She tries doing it everywhere! She pulls on the coffee table, your pants..anything she can get her hands on! Yesterday she tried to do it on the elevated dog feeder, but ended up with half a bowl of dog water in her face.

2. Today Maya got from a tummy (laying down) position to a sitting position on her own! She managed to do it several times too! The first time I didn't see it--I looked over one minute and she was on her tummy and the next thing I knew I looked over she was sitting upright--a huge difference from the usual complaining to get me to sit her upright...Unfortunately she was too tired to show her dad when he got home.

3. She is SO close to crawling! She gets herself from a sitting position to an almost crawl, but then collapses on her stomach when she can't keep all the weight up. She's gotten on all fours a couple of times though. She is managing to scoot on the floor I think forward is coming soon!

As for other news...

For my birthday last Friday, Peter whisked me off to the Bahamas..Atlantis to be exact. Dziadek and WaiPo took care of Maya and an excellent time was had by all. Unfortunately it rained the entire time in the Bahamas..but we were just fine--we slept really, really late, took really long lunches and dinners, took walks around the resort and explored and Peter even managed to win some money!

On Tuesday I held a wine night for some of the other moms in our was great to see everyone dressed up a bit and be able to relax and chat without the babies..we've sworn to make it a monthly thing..

Summer has arrived in's been in the 90's several days and tomorrow it's supposed to near 100. Lovely. Good thing we have a pool membership! Pictures of swimming Maya to come...

Here are a few snaps from tonight..more to come..

Almost Crawling:

I hear Taps over at Ft. Myer..means it's bedtime!

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