Saturday, October 07, 2006

My due date!

Well, Maya is due today! Oops..she is already here ;) It seems like she has been here forever..not in a bad way of course. Life has just settled in like normal.

The first two days without Babcia were fine. Actually, Thursday was easy-peasy. We slept in in the morning, she hung out in the sling while I ate lunch and did some stuff and then after she ate we went for a nice walk up to Central Street where I had some Starbucks and sent off some mail.

Yesterday was a little tougher because Maya was battling some gas :( But luckily Aunt Joanna came over with lunch and then brought the miracle cure--some stuff called Mylicon. It seems to be doing the trick..or else she is just over it..either way we'll take it.

Today Peter and I have our first day together alone. We're thinking about a little trip to Northbrook Court..

Here are some pics of Maya getting to know her brother and sister:

And one (from a couple of days ago) of her thinking very hard:

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