Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lazy Sundays...

Look what we found in the pumpkin patch!:

We decided to take her home:

We had a nice little day today..we went out to lunch and took a nice walk in Wilmette. After coming home and Peter making some chocolate chip cookies, we went out to a nice dinner in Evanston at Campagnola for WoW's birthday. Maya was the perfect dinner guest--seen, but not heard..
Last night Peter and I went out for our first dinner alone..we went to have sushi. Papou and WoW babysat and even got to change a nice smelly diaper! It was awesome to have some raw tuna after 10 months. I even had a few sips of beer..but I didn't want to over do it on indulgences..
Papou has a way with kiddos..this is his 6th grandchild:

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