Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Maya's 3 Week Birthday!

Happy 3 week birthday! She is getting so old--next thing you know we'll be visiting colleges ;)

We are learning new stuff about Maya all the time--she gets cranky when she's tired and she doesn't like to sleep in the morning.

This past weekend we spent both days out and about-we had our first meal out in a restaurant with her--she slept the whole time. She also made her first trip into the city--she slept through that too. She loves her carseat!

Papou and Claudia are here--they have already been a great help--I got to nap a little this morning and even ran some errands solo this afternoon.

Peter's crazy with work right now..but only twenty-something days until the election and I hopefully get my husband back!

Here are Maya's 3 week photos:

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