Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy 2 week birthday Maya!

Maya was born two weeks ago today! I have to say that my life before two weeks ago seems like it was a lifetime ago..Not in a bad way, but life has just changed so much! It seems so strange that this little person was inside my belly..

This little person is actually a perfect little baby! She rarely ever cries (knock on wood)..unless she is hungry, needs to be changed or has a little bit of gas (well, she is her father's daughter after all!). We have to wait until our next peds appointment on the 21st to find out her weight, but I suspect she is gaining well--she eats a ton. Her sleep schedule is pretty consistent-she gets up once usually between 11:30 and 7 or 8..

Babcia Wanda left today..that was a sad event. She was so good to us--doing all our laundry, making all our meals, and generally being so helpful. We were definitely sad to see her go. Papou & Claudia (WoW) are coming on Tuesday, so we'll have another 2 weeks of help then..but until then we are on our own! Tomorrow is our first day just mom and daughter--hopefully we'll survive.

I took some pictures of Maya today for my mom to take home with her.. Here are a few:

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