Sunday, April 24, 2011

March: Venezia!

A couple of weeks after we got back from Atlantis, Maya went on an awesome adventure. Jacket came down on a Wednesday afternoon, swooped her up, took her to NY where they met up with WaiPo and flew off to Venice (in business class, no less!). Maya was an excellent traveller and slept 7 hours on the plane. They got there and took lots of walks, saw lots of bridges and gondolas and ate a LOT of gelato. I left on Friday night and got there Saturday morning to spend a day and a half there and then fly Maya home-who was a great traveller on the way home too-probably better than me!

03 26_2080_edited-1

03 26_2087_edited-1

03 26_2090_edited-1

03 27_2027_edited-1

03 27_2037_edited-1

03 27_2052_edited-1

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