Sunday, April 24, 2011

March: Atlantis

In the beginning of March, we decided to take an early spring break and head to Atlantis with our friends, Aimee & Matt and their daughters, Amelia and Ruby. We thought it would be a great idea to take a vacation with one of Maya's friends so that she would be entertained. It WAS a great idea! The girls had a blast and the adults did too.

03 04_1992_edited-1

03 04_1988_edited-1

03 05_1950_edited-1

03 05_1958_edited-1

03 04_1981_edited-1

03 08_1884_edited-1

03 08_1877_edited-1

03 07_1910_edited-1

03 07_1915_edited-1

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