Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm embarassed.

This has been the longest hiatus that I've taken from this blog. I feel bad that there is such a huge gap in time. Thing is, with Facebook and Flickr and emails, I feel like the pictures have gotten out there, so I don't feel the need to update the blog. Then my mother chastises me and tells me that my grandmother loves checking the blog and is so disappointed that I haven't been updating. So..even if it's just for Baba, here we go. Oh, and if you're checking the blog-feel free to comment...makes me want to post more ;)

I also have a blog chronicling our house development-


Anonymous said...

I check the blog! So updates can be for Baba and Erika =). Can't believe how blond Maya's hair has turned! --Erika

Anonymous said...

Kate, I check your blog religiously since I am one of the few who is not on Facebook. I also want to see your house blog too. I love the pictures. Thanks, Joanna