Monday, December 04, 2006

One more pic...

I took a bunch the other I thought I would share two more..

Our weekend was fairly uneventful...but quite cold! The snow stuck around on the trees and everywhere and made for some beautiful winter scenery. We kept wondering why we were so cold today, and then saw on the evening news that the high temp today was 19 degrees! Maya is getting a lot of use out of the yummy Patagonia snowsuit that her friends Peter and Carrie got her!

Maya has gotten very interactive lately...she loves to make funny sounds that we love to interpret into words--"Did she just say hello? Did she say Baa--does she want a bottle?" Peter is sure she is about to say "dada"...

She also loves to give big gummy smiles. Those are the best--we are eagerly awaiting the giggle..hopefully soon!

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