Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Good Christmas..

Here we are in East Hampton hanging out..not much to report and no pictures to post. I did forget to mention that Maya laughed for the first time on Friday, the 22nd. She is so happy! Peter loves to make her laugh which means he laughs and talks like Elmo and she thinks it's hysterical (although, of course, she has no idea who Elmo is).

Christmas was nice..Peter got new gloves and a navigation system for the car, and I got beautiful black pearl earrings and Photoshop! Tessa scored the best-she got a new iMac laptop.

We are staying around here through the weekend and then we may head over to DC before going home.

Alright off to entertain the munchkin..though she is pretty self sufficient these days!

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Anonymous said...

we want pictures!!!!!! mom