Friday, April 14, 2006

We've "fallen out of good standing"...

or at least Peter has..I guess I never was in good standing..

There has been discussion in the house regarding the possible baptism of "Oscar". We even settled on doing it in the Greek Orthodox Church (I figure, if all the talk about Jesus can make me somewhat uncomfortable, then at least if it is in Greek, I won't understand half of it). Plus, I understand that the traditions are what is important to Peter..

Slight roadblock...

From the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese website:

A person who wishes to sponsor a candidate for Baptism or Chrismation must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing and a supporting member of an Orthodox parish.

And then...

Canonical and theological reasons preclude the Orthodox Church from performing the Sacrament of Marriage for couples where one partner is Orthodox and the other partner is a non-Christian. As such, Orthodox Christians choosing to enter such marriages fall out of good standingwith their Church and are unable to actively participate in the life of the Church. While this stance may seem confusing and rigid, it is guided by the Orthodox Church's love and concern for its member's religious and spiritual well-being.

I am, however, having pasta for breakfast.

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