Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No new news...

Well, I am in now in week 14...safely nestled in the 2nd trimester! I am very excited about that. With my new status comes a new inability to fit in my pants and a protruding belly which has been the subject of several people's comments. I am afraid it is bloating at this point, but at least I have an excuse not to suck it in!

Our doctor's appointment on Friday went great. We heard the heartbeat..and right away! As soon as Dr. Kim put the doppler on my belly, we heard it thumping away. The sound can't be was pretty amazing. Other than that, she just answered some questions.."When can I dye my hair?" (Now, but maybe wait a little longer)..."When can we find out the sex?" (two weeks after my next monthly the week of May 15th).."When will I start to feel movement?" (Probably around 20 weeks).

In other exciting news, I had sushi for lunch today..yum! Well, I didn't have any raw fish, just a shrimp tempura roll and a california roll..but man it was good!

I think we might be getting close to ordering a chair for the nursery to be! Stay tuned for more exciting updates....

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