Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Weeks Old!

And no pictures!! Seriously, I am a blogging mess. I have been meaning to update since we got home, but it's amazing how having two kids can suck up your time ;)

Oh. And I can't find the cord to the camera to upload the pictures...

We are all doing well though and I promise to upload some pictures in the next couple of days. Zoe is a good sleeper for the most part-we've gotten some 4 hour stretches-even 1 or 2 5 hour ones! Maya seems to be loving her baby sister-she kisses her often and tells her that she loves her and regales us with stories of what they are going to do together when "her baby sister gets older". It warms the heart.

We had Zoe's 2 week appointment this morning and she weighs 9lbs 1 oz! The little porker! She is 21 inches long..so she is in the 75th percentile for everything...Peter is excited about her weight because she is convinced she will sleep through the night when she is 11 lbs!

Off to bed, but I promise to update again soon.

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