Saturday, May 10, 2008

Interesting tidbit...

When we decided on the name Maya, we didn't realize that the name was actually enjoying a bit of a comeback...and every now and then we meet another Maya out there. In fact, one time I ran into a father buying clothes for his daughter in Nordstrom. We struck up a conversation and I asked what his daughter's name was. In a tone of voice that conveyed, "I am far superior to you in my naming choices", he said "Maya". I said, "Oh that's my daughter's name!". To which he responded, this time in a voice that said "Well, this name is REALLY original", "Well, her name is Maya Jean, the middle name is after her grandmother". I couldn't help snickering to myself as I responded, "Well, her name is Maya Joan, the Joan is from her grandmother".

I never really knew a Maya growing up. When the conversation of names and Maya comes up, inevitably the response from someone is, "Well, Maya's becoming more popular".

Today I have proof that the name is actually not becoming more popular. In the annual list of names compiled by the Social Security Agency, the name Maya actually dropped five places from 57 to 62. So there.

In other news, the Social Security and I have something in common, which is that we are befuddled by the Jayden/Cayden/Braden naming debacle. From their press release:

For reasons likely to puzzle baby name experts around the world, American parents have become infatuated by names, particularly for their sons, that rhyme with the word “maiden.” These names for boys include: Jayden (No. 18); Aiden (No. 27); Aidan (No. 54); Jaden (No. 76); Caden (No. 92); Kaden (No. 98); Ayden (No.102); Braden (No.156); Cayden (No.175); Jaiden (No.191); Kaiden (No. 220); Aden (No. 264); Caiden (No. 286); Braeden (No. 325); Braydon (No. 361); Jaydon (No. 415); Jadon (No. 423); Braiden (No. 529); Zayden (No. 588); Jaeden (No. 593); Aydan (No. 598); Bradyn (No. 629); Kadin (No. 657); Jadyn (No. 696); Kaeden (No. 701); Jaydin (No. 757); Braedon (No. 805); Aidyn (No. 818); Haiden (No. 820); Jaidyn (No. 841); Kadyn (No. 878); Jaydan (No. 887); Raiden (No. 931); and Adin (No. 983). This startling trend was present, but less pronounced, with girls names: Jayden (No. 172); Jadyn (No. 319); Jaden (No. 335); Jaiden (No. 429); Kayden (No. 507); and Jaidyn (No. 561). Social Security spokesman Mark Lassiter indicated that the agency would resist any legislative efforts to standardize the spelling of these names.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming of gushing over Maya and posting way too many pictures. We are in Chicago right now, but we'll be back home tomorrow, with PLENTY of pictures!

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