Sunday, March 16, 2008

So cute...

Here are a couple of very cute pictures from this past week.

This is Maya and her dad at the Mexican restaurant-he met us there and she was SO happy when he showed up!

Here is one of Maya enjoying her ice cream from the same dinner:

And here is Maya with a new neighborhood friend-how cute is that puppy??? It reminds me of Kona about 6 years ago...

For a flashback down memory is Kona at the same age:

It's been pretty hard to capture pictures of Maya these past few weeks-she is always on the go! And when she sees the camera come out, she just wants to grab it and play with it herself..which I don't allow given the fact that I am on my second point & shoot camera in a year!

Otherwise, Maya is a great little kid! She's saying new words every day-"off", "out", "button", "eye" and many more I can't remember. She loves going over to Baba's house-mostly because Baba will let her do anything she wants, including playing with her tea set and pouring water all over the place!

The weather has been warming up, so we're planning quite a few outdoor activities, like another trip to the zoo and perhaps a trip to "Bunnyland". I swear, more pictures, more often to come!

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