Monday, November 12, 2007

A little goula-goula...

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. We've been without internet for so long..but it looks like it will be just a week before we finally have a permanent connection.

It's been a busy time since I last posted-Babcia has moved to the area and is settling in--well, she's currently away, but has been settling in. Maya loves having her around all the time, and Peter and I do too...lots of babysitting, yummy home cooked meals and motherly affection ;)

Maya's favorite new phrase is "Goula Goula". We're not sure what that means, but it could be some variation of "Look!" or "Give me that!". She's also tried lots of new and interesting foods recently-her favorite is Indian-yummy! Of course, she's still partial to a helping of mac'n'cheese or pizza.

Here are some pictures I took recently in her fuzzy sweater:

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matt mendelsohn said...

Wow, Maya looks so muh like a combination of you guys it's scary!!!!!!

She's so cute. Glad you like the pic!