Wednesday, November 21, 2007

14 months, 1 day

and another upside down picture ;)

Current Maya updates:

1. Adamantly points to her nose when you ask "Where is your nose?". Also points to her nose when you arbitrarily says nose or knows or even no.

2. Throws her arms up in glee when you ask, "How big is Maya?".

3. Points and says "da da da" when she sees a dog. Or Peter.

4. Loves to hug. Climbs on laps of close friends and strangers. Also likes to ask to be picked up by said strangers and close friends, as well as hold their hands.

5. Recently learned that she loves the 1, 2, 3 & swing game. Now will not walk if both her hands are being held.

6. Loves to talk on the phone. Give her a home or cell phone and she inclined to walk around with it on her ear jabbering away. Also likes to dial random numbers.

7. Loves to carry around shopping bags or purses-even throws them over her shoulder. I wonder where she got that one from?

8. Loves Pad See Ew with chicken.

9. Loves to get into chairs on her own and sit there. Mostly child sized chairs though.

10. Has no fear. This afternoon, she got to the top of the slide and without hesitation, slid head first on her belly down the slide. Laughed with glee at the bottom.

11. Wants what you have. Water? Yes! Caramel Machiato? Yup! Iced Tea? Oh, yeah! We drew the line tonight with beer.

12. Doesn't like the whole "pile of leaves" thing.

13. Loves to swing.

I've been so busy taking pictures of other people's families and kids that I haven't had much chance to do my own! I hope to take a bunch tomorrow and this weekend...

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