Saturday, July 07, 2007

She keeps me busy!

Maya is into everything! She's learned the cause and effect of pushing buttons to make noise, she loves to bounce up and down to music, she's learned to open drawers, pull books off bookshelves, pull toys out of a bin, and generally create havoc!

Amy, Mike & Abby have been visiting-Mike went off with Peter to Vegas, leaving all of us girls here to fend for ourselves. We're managing--if not a bit tired!

I see another tooth coming in-its to the right of the top two center teeth. I think it will break through any day.

Here are some pics I just took this morning..only got a few because she's too interested in playing to look at me!


PS. She just saw the pictures I was uploading and started waving to them..gotta run-she's eating my checkbook!

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