Monday, July 30, 2007

Bathing suit modeling!

Here are a last few pictures from our trip to visit the Raps/Berlows. Maya was loving just hanging out outside in her bathing suit-don't worry-she wasn't out there long and she had plenty of sunscreen on!

Also, she's had quite a few accomplishments in the last week or so:

1. Definitely cruising a little bit (ie. holding on to something and taking steps-either side to side or pushing her little activity table and walking behind it).

2. Pulling herself up on anything and everything.

3. Saying "A-ja" whenever she sees Ajax.

4. Making conversation in the form of zzrbrts.

5. Playing peekabo with Buster while she's in her high chair.

6. The arrival of one of her top front teeth..but not the other one. She's got the top right tooth and the one next to that. But no sign of the ones to the left!

She's growing up so fast! We're in countdown mode 'til her first birthday! Crazy!

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