Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Happy Mother's Day...

We had a great, laid back Mother's Day today. Got up this morning and hung out around the house and had some yummy fresh strawberries for breakfast--we bought them at the farmer's market yesterday. We went out for lunch/brunch at Harry's Tap Room and then went for a walk around the 'hood. After Maya napped we headed to Old Town and walked a bit there too.

Maya, Peter, Ajax & Kona got me a new point and shoot digital camera--I love it! I intend to keep it in my diaper bag and chronicle our adventures as much as possible--and stop being so behind on updating the blog! Maya keeps me very busy. She is talking up a storm--there are some "words" in there, but mostly she just likes to hear her own voice, so there is lots of screeching and other interesting noises...A certain sister of mine used to do the same thing at Maya's age--so I am wondering if she'll be as chatty as Tessa when she grows up ;)

Here are some pics from today (taken with the new camera of course!):

And, gasp!--some pictures of me & Maya!:

Since my own mom (or Babcia, as we affectionately call her now) is in Poland, we couldn't celebrate Mother's Day with her..but all 3 (or 5!) of us want to send out a big kiss and hug and tell her how much we appreciate and love her.

And of course, we couldn't not send a "shout-out" to WaiPo, who is the best stepmom around and who has been an excellent WaiPo to Maya...

And last of all, we all miss WOW and hope we get to see her soon!

Earlier this week, Maya and I went up to Boston to visit Abby, Amy & Mike. It was great to see everyone and have the little girls is a cute pic of little Abby:

The whole family is coming to visit us in hopefully we can take a lot more pictures then.

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