Sunday, May 20, 2007

8 Months...

Well, I'm not going to give my cliche opening line..I can't believe Maya is 8 months old-oh wait! I just did..

Anyways..lots of fun stuff going on this weekend, and thanks to the new digital camera I can record every minute of it ;)

There was the Lyon Park Fair:

Maya's first Greek Picnic, where she met a 22 month old admirer named Spiro.:

We got a little slap happy waiting for 40 minutes for Peter to get the food:

There was lunch at 2 Amys with Aunt Callie:

And her first ride on the Smithsonian Carousel:

And of course, her 8 month photo shoot:

Good shot of the 2 front teeth:

Obligatory Ajax & Maya picture:

Morning snuggles:

Oh..and I got a haircut. Apparently "Shoulder-length" is a subjective value. Who knew?:

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