Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We Were on Vacation!

We just got back from Key West last night! Babcia took us on vacation to a place called Sunset Key, which is a little island right off Key West. It was really nice--very tropical and quiet. We had a cottage, so there was a nice little living room/kitchen and we each had our own bedroom and bath..except for Maya. She had to share with Peter and me. The town of Key West itself was a little rowdy for our taste..but we managed to get some meals and shopping in.

Our little tropical girl:

Our little swimmer:

Chillin' with Baba:

Even Pudgeballs have to take a bath after swimming:

Someone looks tasty!:

Visiting the Southernmost Point in the we'll have to visit the Northernmost!:

And finally, what would a vacation photo album be without the requisite cute animal pic. This picture reminded me of one of Maya's favorite stories..Make Way for Ducklings. Except with chickens. And in Key West instead of Boston:


Tad & Baba said...

Hi Kate,
Baba and I checked your pictures and we liked them (all) very much. Baba has a question: When are you guys moving to Washington?
Say hi to Wanda.
Cheers / Tad

Anonymous said...

Baba wishes to have a couple of pictures if Maya. Could you mail some (electronically) in full resolution so that I can print them? Thanks.