Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Baby's First Photos...

Finally, here are some of our scanned ultraound shots..they are a bit blurry, but frankly, so was the baby! Maybe it was too much juice, or just that hyper-Rapaczynski/Karafotas personality, but she wouldn't sit still!

This first shot is the gender determination confirmation shot..looking up at the butt and feet:

A little side profile shot..can't quite see whose nose she has yet..but it looks straight so far ;) :

And the "Oh, woe is me, no more pictures" shot. Quite the little drama queen already..

Everything has been going well..BabyK has been moving about a ton. Peter thinks there is an alien living inside me..but I am pretty sure it is just a little babe.

More updates to come...names, nurseries, showers, oh my!

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