Sunday, May 01, 2011

Zoe's Second Birthday Party..

Was our second Hello Kitty party at JW Tumbles in a year..Zoe's party looked a LOT like Maya's party back in September. But, Zoe loves Tumbles and loves her sister's friends and had a great time. She wasn't quite sure that the party was for her and didn't want any special treatment (when she was supposed to stand and everyone else sit, she kept on sitting).
In any case, she had a great time and everyone else did too!

05 02_2349_edited-1

05 02_2362_edited-1

05 02_2354_edited-1

05 02_2364_edited-1

05 02_2380_edited-1

05 02_2408_edited-1

05 02_2401_edited-1

05 02_2415_edited-1

Click to see all the pictures from the party.

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