Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Day of School! (Yesterday...)

Yesterday, Maya had her first day of school! She is going to a toddler Montessori program every weekday for 2.5 hours every day! We drop her off at 9:15 and pick her up at 11:45. On the first day she was very brave, running right into the classroom. I don't think she realized I wasn't right behind her, but I scooted away before she could come back for me. When I picked her up she was crying a bit, but the teacher said it was normal and had nothing but nice things to say. This morning she was a bit more trepidatious about going back in, but she did and survived and made new friends in school. Hopefully she'll get used to the transitions soon and start enjoying leaving me every day-that will warm my heart!
Here is a picture of Maya ready to leave the house on her first day. She insisted on wearing a "jacky" even though it was close to 90 degrees outside. And she wore it the whole day. She also loves her new shoes.

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Wow does time fly...