Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's December already!

Christmas season is upon us! It's Peter's favorite time of the year...

We went to NYC last weekend for Dziadek's 60th birthday party. It was fun to be in the city and walk around a lot, even if it was cold! We got to see Amy, Mike and Abby on Saturday afternoon, so that was fun. We even took them to our favorite place...a cupcake bakery one block from the apartment where we were staying. They snapped this picture of us (note the chocolate on Maya's face):

This afternoon we ventured to the Tyson's mall to get Maya's picture with Santa taken (picture to be posted when we can scan it in). I have vowed not to return to the mall, especially on a weekend, until after the Christmas season is over. It was crazy! But Maya did play a little at the playground:

Afterwards, we went to dinner at Cafe Deluxe, where Peter had the best pot pie ever. Maya insisted that he should eat some bread too:

After we got home, Maya pretended to shop on her own:

Maya's new accomplishments:

She dances. The music moves her.

She eats with a fork. Don't get too excited. She can get the fork with food on it into her mouth..she hasn't yet mastered actually spearing the food onto the fork, but we think it's great progress!

She says "no no" when she points to her nose.

She says "he he" when she points to her head.

She'll roar if you roar.

She shakes her head "no" if she doesn't want something.

I'll update soon with the Santa pic and the short story that goes with it...

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