Tuesday, August 21, 2007

11 months! (Yesterday...)

I was a slacker and didn't post anything yesterday on her actual 11 month birthday--I was still recovering from Peter's birthday weekend in Vegas (no, Maya did not accompany us!). We had a great time, but it was nice to get home.

Maya has been developing a little willpower...good for her. Frustrating for her parents ;) She definitely lets us know if she doesn't want to go in her high chair, stroller or be put down from our arms. On the other hand, she is so adventurous! Last week, she was playing at an indoor playground and went crawling right through a 5 foot tunnel-no encouragement or anything. She crawls right up to people to say "hi!".

No signs of walking-she's adept at crawling, pulling up, etc-and can stand for a little bit, but is too unsure of herself to do it. I think she figures she can get wherever she wants with crawling, so why bother with the walking?

I need to take more pics, but here is one with her dad from last week:

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