Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kona's Saga..

Well, it's been a while since I posted, and since no one is reading yet, I don't feel too bad.

Our poor Kona has had a bad week so far. She couldn't get up or walk yesterday morning and so I rushed home from work to take her to the vet since Peter had to get to work for a deadline. The vet took some x-rays thinking she had a cruciate ligament tear. However, upon getting the xrays back, it turned out that it wasn't as bad as she thought. While I was there, I mentioned that Kona is a scavenger and that she had gotten into a jar of Macadamia Nuts from our recent vacation. Well, it turns out that macadamia nuts are toxic..and they can cause temporary paralysis, lameness and depression. Interesting..considering Kona was already getting better as the day went on. She was whining last night from the anesthesia..but proceeded to jump on the bed this morning as usual...

So, it turns out that the vet here has a connection to a vet in Missouri who is doing clinical trials of total elbow replacement--a new procedure that is experimental, but successful. The vet here talked to the vet in MO and he thinks Kona would be a good candidate. However, it involved leaving her there for 2 weeks (I don't want her turning into a Republican!). Kona's quite needy, so I am not sure how she would take it..but it could be great for her in the long run. Peter and I are considering it..

On a positive note: we got High Def cable with DVR today!! Now there is never a worry about missing another episode of Lost or 24 again..

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rebecca said...

As I read this, I got up to get some Mac nuts in the cabinet - only to discover AR had eaten them all. I thought his frozen face and stiff limbs looked a little wierd thsi morning.

I've never read a blog before. I always knew it has a chief virtue over email which is that emails have a temporal urgency to them that blogs don't have. Sp, if someone comments on the blog but not immediately, there is no offence, because the blog is more atemporal.

Speaking of kids, have you seen the pictures of Joshua? Very cute and Hela is in seventh heaven. Only love, no planning. Her father has lung cancer that went to his brain. She is flying out in a few weeks. Her troubles never cease.

Your blog, not mine - should I arrange for TSR to visit you for a few days in March? She has three weeks off.

At the risk of offending, but with the purpose of avoiding the creation of an expectation, I haven't said a word to you/Peter about her graduation. June 2-3 in Concord. AR and I are going as is my Mom. Would you want to come? Understand, there would be no offence if you have to work, if it conflicts with a trip you are making out East the following month, etc.

We'll call you today.